Make Sunrise Special

Sunrise (6).jpg

I’m an extreme early bird, and yet even I want to pull the covers over my head sometimes on cold mornings when my kids are up before sunrise. Those covers sure look inviting for just a little extra snuggle time!

Sunrise (5)

But I want to start the day on the right foot for my little ones, so I have a few tricks to make sunrise special. These little routines not only help me wake up, but also help them start the day on the proverbial right side of the bed.

Step 1: Open the curtains. Let in the light, even if it’s a tiny bit! Watch the light change from deep blue to pale gray, until pink and orange are in the sky. Plus, curtains are fun; Veronika never tires of running her hands up and down the slats, so that has become part of our morning ritual.

Sunrise (7)

Step 2: Have a dance party. You can’t go wrong with a light-up speaker and music while mommy puts in her contact lenses.

Sunrise (4)

Step 3: Listen to a sunrise chant. Tune in to a beautiful Native American sunrise prayer on YouTube and have these sounds in the background as the room moves from dark to light.

Sunrise (1)

Step 4: Have a special breakfast. “Special” doesn’t mean a complicated recipe (here’s Veronika having some almond milk yogurt and waffles); it just means sitting down together and taking a pause, even when you have to get everyone dressed and ready for the day.

Sunrise (3)

Step 5: Get moving! If it’s warm enough, go outside for a stroll. If it’s cold, be silly and have a sunrise stroll indoors!

Sunrise (2)

Older kids may also love reading stories or myths about the sun, which you can weave into breakfast time.

How do you make sunrise special? Please share in the comments!

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