Hide Small Toys

Hide in Sock (5)

This game has elements of surprise, tactile learning, and early language development. And it couldn’t be easier to play!

I filled two small gym socks with a few toys for Veronika to find. Older toddlers may enjoy a long sock to reach into, but the short shocks were just right for my one-year-old.

Hide in Sock (1)

At first, she pulled out a round ball. I named the object for her, and described it. It felt round and smooth.

Hide in Sock (2)

She immediately wanted to try putting it back inside the sock, which I helped her do!

Hide in Sock (6)

But – surprise! – there were more treasures to find inside. Next she pulled out a little pig.

Hide in Sock (4)

And you can see from her lips here, she tried to say “pppp” (she’s testing out new words daily!).Hide in Sock (3)

She kept digging and found a car. Again, I said the name of the object and described what she was feeling. This time she made a “vroom vroom” sound.

Hide in Sock (8)

You could keep going with this game with as many toys as your little one likes before losing interest. Once the socks were empty, Veronika even tried to put them on!

Hide in Sock (7)

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