Fill and Roll

Fill and Roll (7)

Here’s an advanced version of a game Veronika and I played recently with lids and containers. This time, we were more deliberate about it, using only round containers that could be filled and then…rolled!

Fill and Roll (2)

I placed a favorite stuffed animal (a small Elmo) inside a container and sealed the lid. Now I rolled it back and forth between us.

Fill and Roll (1)

“What’s inside?” I asked. She didn’t wait long to find out. Her eager fingers were able to open up the lid…

Fill and Roll (3)

…and discover Elmo!

Fill and Roll (4)

We then played several variations on the game, adding in toy tennis balls or other surprises, something new each time she fetched off the lid. She loved just putting on and taking off the lid in between each round.

Fill and Roll (6)

Then I used a clear tennis ball container with a similar purpose in mind, but this time since the container was clear, she could see the item inside and watch it roll.

Fill and Roll (8)

She loved chasing after a few toy cars sealed up this way. And was so proud when she removed the lid and fetched them out.

Fill and Roll (9)

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