Photo Wallpaper

Photo Wallpaper (5).JPG

In the past, I’ve made photo albums for Veronika featuring pictures of family and friends, in order to help her know and recognize those who love her most. This “wallpaper” idea is another way to surround your baby with familiar faces!

I went to the copy shop and had several recent photos printed on regular 8×11 paper, in black and white.

If you want to make a true wallpaper, then you can print out several copies of each picture, and arrange them in a pattern. Put wallpaper paste on the wall and hang one picture at a time in the first row, then repeat with as many rows as desired. Paint over with two coats of gel acrylic to finish.

But since we only rent our home, I couldn’t mark up the walls that permanently! I settled for taping the faces around Veronika’s crib. But this was exciting in and of itself! Veronika loved helping with the tape while I worked.

Photo Wallpaper (1)

Then we had a little art gallery tour of all the faces, pointing out who was who.

Photo Wallpaper (2)

She loved standing up to check out the images.

Photo Wallpaper (3)

And big brother did, too! This is a sweet little project that will make any nursery feel warm and full of love.

Photo Wallpaper (4)

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