Look at Photos and Paintings

Look at Paintings (2)

There’s no need to go to a fancy art gallery to expose your children to artwork (although you certainly can!). For the easiest art lesson of all, look to your own walls. Chances are you have something hanging up, whether an old poster, a family photo, or a painted work of art. Today, Veronika and I took a “gallery” tour of our walls!

There was so much opportunity here for language development. As we paused before each painting, I talked about the objects she could see, like cars or trees.

Look at Paintings (1)

We talked about what shapes we saw in this one…

Look at Paintings (3)

…the colors of a dark, brooding piece…

Look at Paintings (6)

…and even her cultural heritage!

Look at Paintings (7)

The frames themselves might delight your little one, too. Veronika loved feeling the texture.

Look at Paintings (4)

One piece of art in our home was even painted by a family member, an opportunity to talk about relatives.

Look at Paintings (5)

Even more fun, we sat down together to look through old photo albums. Veronika loved turning the pages.

Look at Paintings (8)

And seemed so surprised every time she recognized her brother!

Look at Paintings (10)

Again, focus on language development here as you name items in each picture, or the shapes and colors you see. What a lovely “museum” tour this was!

Look at Paintings (9)

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