Cheery O’s!

Cheerios (4).JPG

O cereal is the deservedly one of the best first cereals for babies, and for so many reasons. The circles are easy for a little one to pick up with little fingers; they dissolve easily in the mouth, and those cute circles are just begging to be played with, too!

To wit, today at snack time I didn’t just set o cereal on Veronika’s tray; instead, I gave her two cups, one empty and one full, to turn it into a pouring and scooping game.

Cheerios (1)

She took right to it, and loved learning to pour directly from one cup to another, her best success with pouring yet.

Cheerios (3)

She also loved the small plinking sound that the cereal made if she dropped it into a cup by hand.

Cheerios (5)

And of course there is happy nibbling that takes place throughout the game! This is fast, fun, easy entertainment for any young toddler.

Cheerios (2)

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