Commute (2)

A play tunnel is a fantastic gross motor toy, and worth investing in (you can find them for under $20 on Amazon). Of course there’s just the fun of crawling through it, which Veronika loves endlessly!

Commute (3)

I like to put my head on one end, say “peek-a-boo”, and watch her proudly crawl to catch me.

Commute (1)

Another cute idea is to have your baby “commute” items from one end to the other. This helps with the idea of sorting and categorizing.

Commute (5)

We played first with her pretend food set, having her bring the food from a basket at one end to where I waited with a second basket at the other.

Commute (6)

Then we tried the game with puzzle pieces.

Commute (7)

Veronika trotted back and forth through the tunnel, filling in pieces to the base each time.

Commute (8)

What games do you play with a crawl-through tunnel? Please share in the comments!

Commute (9)

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