Dream Pillow

Dream Pillow (3)

At thirteen months old, Veronika is finally sleeping with a few stuffed animals and other soft things in her crib. In particular, I made the change because she seems to want comfort in the middle of the night, and is learning to self-soothe like a champ. This crafty idea for parents is in the hopes of giving your little one sweet dreams!

Use puffy fabric paints to design anything on a white pillowcase that would appeal to your child. Veronika loves firetrucks right now, so that was a natural choice, including a siren and a note that this vehicle-loving girl is fast even when asleep.

Dream Pillow (1)

I added hearts and messages of love for extra sweet dreams.

Dream Pillow (2)

Big siblings might want to get involved too! Let the paint dry completely, then wash the pillowcase before use.

Dream Pillow (4).JPG

Veronika loved the feel of the puffy pants, and seemed to find comfort in the item almost immediately. We love that this can travel with us, too, for familiarity even if she sleeps in a travel crib while away.

Dream Pillow (5)

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