Peppermint Candy Box

Peppermint Candy Box (5).JPG

It was all about holiday gifts in our home over the weekend. When we spotted these decorated cookie tins in Travis’s Highlights magazine, we knew we’d found the perfect gift for his kindergarten teachers!

Wrap a store-bought cookie tin in white felt.

Peppermint Candy Box (1)

Use hot glue or tacky glue to adhere securely. We wrapped only the lids, since the bottom of our tins were already printed in holiday pictures, but you can wrap the whole box if desired. Cut out red pieces of felt to mimic the red swirls of a peppermint candy and glue these to the lid.

Peppermint Candy Box (2)

Fill the tin with your favorite holiday cookies or other treats, of course!

Peppermint Candy Box (3)

To finish the presentation, wrap in plastic wrap (or clear cellophane) and secure with green ribbon on each side so it looks like a peppermint candy waiting to be twisted open.

Peppermint Candy Box (4)

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