Give Gifts – and Compliments!

Gifts and Compliments (4)

Well we’ve arrived at Christmas Eve, and in all honesty tomorrow is all about the receiving for Travis. I’ve done my best this Christmas to help my five-year-old understand the spirit of giving, too, and wrapping presents for his dad and little sister offered a final teachable moment.

Instead of using patterned wrapping paper, I purchased a roll of solid white paper. Travis enjoyed learning how to properly wrap, a first tutorial for him!

Gifts and Compliments (1)

Once everything was taped up, I prompted him to think of something he loved about each recipient. He proudly helped spell out the way his dad plays Star Wars games with him, and how he loves to play with his sister.

Gifts and Compliments (2)

Kids can do this for every gift they send this year, whether to a teacher, a friend, or a relative. Encourage them to add drawings or other marks on the solid paper, too, so the gift is not only the object inside the wrapping paper, but the paper itself.

Gifts and Compliments (3)

Merry Christmas!

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