Playing House

Play House (3).JPG

Got leftover huge boxes from Christmas presents? Turn them into a play house for a day or two before you head out to the recycle bin!

Of course you can play this game any time of the year, but chances are your biggest boxes are arriving right about now.

In one of our largest, I cut a rectangle large enough for Veronika to scoot through.

Play House (1)

To make the “house” extra fun, I slotted through Veronika’s play tunnel, making for a house that she could enter and exit in multiple ways.

Play House (2)

You can add adornment with crayons or paints, if desired. I drew on a window, but Veronika was more interested in crawling through than drawing!

Play House (4)

Play houses like this can go from very basic to the very elaborate. Even one as simple as a box and a tunnel kept my toddler happy for ages today.

Play House (5)

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