Go Get Game

Go Get Game (1)

This is a simple game to test if your toddler is ready to understand and follow directions, sending him or her on various “errands” around the house. Your little one won’t think it’s a chore at all, just lots of silly fun!

I put out a few items for Veronika that I knew would entice her, starting with a toy ball. “Can you go get the ball?” I asked.

Go Get Game (2)

She eagerly crawled to it, and I encouraged her back my way. “Can you bring me the ball?” She’s at that beautiful age where toddlers love to put things “in” and clean up, so this was met with success.

Go Get Game (3)

Next we played with her water bottle. Again, the item was spotted and she was off.

Go Get Game (7)

But could she bring it to me? This time it was more fun just to play with!

Go Get Game (8)

Then we got silly with the “errands”. After asking her to get her boots and socks, I said, “Can you put the sock on your head?” I demonstrated, which earned huge giggles.

Go Get Game (4)

Pretty soon she was imitating me.

Go Get Game (5)

In sum, don’t underestimate your fourteen-month old’s sense of humor, or ability to “get” things, even if they have few words to say back to you yet.

Go Get Game (6)


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