All Aboard the Train

Train Ride (1)

The last time I took Veronika on a train ride, she wasn’t even to crawl yet, and only vaguely aware of the adventure, though I loved simply introducing her to the idea of a train at the time.

Now as a toddler, we repeated the activity ,and had a train-tastic day!

First up was purchasing tickets and waiting on the platform. When we heard the train signals, both my kids were excited watching the gate come down.

Train Ride (2)

All aboard! Be sure to grab a good window seat, so your little one can appreciate the view, so different from that out a car window.

Train Ride (3)

We went only one stop to the next town over, and popped into the Club Car Cafe for a quick snack. The perfect spot to watch other trains on the tracks…

Train Ride (6)

…play with toy trains they had available for kids (smart thinking!)…

…and even watch a model train scoot around on the wall.

Train Ride (5)

Veronika loved the whole experience, and soon was saying choo choo. It’s the first time I felt that she fully understood what a train is, so different from the toy versions she can push around or the ones she’s seen on TV. A highly recommended activity.

Train Ride (7)

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