Take a Train Ride

Train Ride (3)

We’ve had lots of firsts for Veronika lately, everything from swimming to hiking to rides in a bucket swing. Today’s new activity was her first train ride!

I set the stage for the big event in the morning, pulling out a few old train track toys (be careful baby doesn’t put magnet trains in his or her mouth), and singing train songs.

Train Ride (2)

Then we made pretend tickets and played train at home!

Train Ride (5)

Big brother Travis loved helping with this step.

Train Ride (4)

Finally it was time for the real thing. Unless you truly have a destination in mind, the best bet is to go to your local station and just ride one stop or two. Our 9 minute ride was the perfect distance to engage Veronika without overwhelming her.

As we waited on the platform, I pointed out other trains going by, as well as the people waiting.

Train Ride (6)

Here comes the train!

Train Ride (7)

On board, she had a blast! She loved looking out the window (and okay, playing with the vents under the window). We listened to the crackle of announcements and the ding of the doors.

Train Ride (9)

Another adventure, under her belt!

Train Ride (10)



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