Kindergarten Home School Week 3

Home School 11 a

You’ve likely noticed that I paused on posting daily home school updates, as I didn’t want to overwhelm people’s inboxes. Starting next week, Travis’s school will be sending actual lesson plans, rather than suggestions, so I may go back to daily posts. Either way, the week had its ups and downs, some days where we felt on top of home school, some that were a struggle. This post can’t really capture all that, but here’s a run-down of activities from our third week home schooling for COVID-19.

Please stay safe everyone!


  • Computer games through a school program, all focused on concepts of greater than/less than or addends to 10.
  • Stuffed animal counting. We had fun making up silly equations, like “3 animals are having a tea party, and one more joins in. 3+ 1 = 4.”Home School 14 b
  • April weather graph, with predictions for what we’ll see most (rain) and least (snow).


  • Reading a story and then retelling it in your child’s words. We chose ‘Corduroy‘ for this activity, and I then asked him to imagine what might happen next. He said they’d go back to the store and buy a new stuffed animal friend, a giraffe!
  • A book ‘scavenger hunt’, in which Travis had to find things like the title, author’s name, count the words in a sentence, locate a question mark, etc. When we finished the book (Click, Clack Moo), he went back to tell me what had happened in the beginning, middle, and end.
  • Workbook pages
  • Letter tracing pages (G, H, I, J, K)
  • Online story time with his teacher
  • Writing a sentence with a sight word. Travis’s sentence included several (I, am, the): “I am swinging on the swings”. I loved his picture!Home School 12 b
  • Online read-through of Puff the Magic Dragon, followed by drawing a dragon in an online paint program.
  • Writers’ Workshop. Travis really stuck with it this this week, thinking abut a story instead of his latest Star Wars movie. His tale featured skeleton pirates, and he drew a boat to go with it!Home School 12 b
  • Sight word rainbow writing, using a different color for every sight word.Home School 12 a



Social Studies:

  • Community helper video. Travis drew himself as a doctor (which was more about his latest fascination with skeletons and bones).
  • Discussion of why a society might have rules.


  • A BrainPop video about making and testing a hypothesis, after which we tested out what would float and what would sink.Home School 11 h
  • An online video about plants, followed by a nature walk to find plants.


  • Spring walks!Home School 12 d
  • Chalk! Travis drew pictures of pirate skeletons and we also wrote some sight words.Home School 11 c


  • Library:
    • Going through his shelf to sort fiction from non-fiction.Home School 12 d
    • Online video of I Am Yoga – with poses, too!Home School 12 f
  •  Art:
    • Travis drew a self-portrait on a big piece of craft paper, and little sister joined in!Home School 11 e
  • Spanish:
    • Online video with food words
    • Zumba dancingHome School 11 f
  • Gym:
    • An online P.E. video from Mr. Joe. Loved watching him do this one!Home School 11 i
    • Sock Toss: Place a target on one side of the room and make balls out of pairs of socks. Every time he made a goal, Travis had to take a step back.Home School 11 j
  • Music:
    • His teacher sent a full 15 minute class video to follow along! This was super appreciated.

Mental Health:

  • The school counselor sent a link for a three hour loop of relaxing sounds!

Family activities:



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