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Tube Slide (8)

If you find yourself with a leftover cardboard tube (think from wrapping paper, or a craft paper roll, or even cardboard mailing tubes), don’t head to the recycle bin! These tubes are the perfect item to entertain a toddler.

Tube Slide (3)

Today I wanted to make the best ball slide for Veronika using the tube from a gift wrap roll. It took three tries before I got it right! For the first version, I set the tube at an angle from the couch so it dangled over a laundry bin.

Tube Slide (1)

She tried a few rolls, but was more interested in just tossing balls into the bin from the floor. So not the best version!

Tube Slide (2)

Then I tried dangling it from the end of the stair railing with tape. Again, the landing point was a laundry basket.

Tube Slide (5)

But it was impossible for her to reach the tube without me holding her, and I wasn’t comfortable letting her toddle up the stairs to try it solo, so this version lost her interest quickly. (You’ll notice she preferred to sit in the laundry basket).

Tube Slide (4)

Thinking fast, I taped the tube to the wall just above her toy bin, which she could safely scamper onto like a stool.

Tube Slide (6)

I showed her how to roll the balls through the shoot from here.

Tube Slide (7)

And she had the perfect advantage of height now to see them land in the laundry bin.

Tube Slide (9)

We have a winner folks! This third version made the best tube slide for this particular toddler. Which version does your child like best? Please share in the comments!

Tube Slide (10)

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