Pom Pom Squeeze Water Play

Pom Pom Squeeze (10)

Here was the perfect game to play on the patio with Veronika while big brother had “recess” today. It not only involves great sensory elements, but also builds fine motor skills from squeezing.

I first laid down a towel, both for comfort and to absorb any spilled water as we played, then I set out a shallow tray filled with pom poms. Because Veronika still puts small objects in her mouth at times, I used only large ones. Use a variety of pom pom sizes for older toddlers!

Pom Pom Squeeze (1)

First I just let her play with the dry fluffy pom poms, because she loves them. Then I filled the tray with a little warm water (use cold water if it’s a hot day!). The pom poms will almost immediately become saturated.

Pom Pom Squeeze (2)

I pointed out to her that they felt differently now, and then I showed her how to squeeze out the pom poms over a cup.

Pom Pom Squeeze (3)

“Squeeze!” I said, and she echoed me and clenched her fists around a few of them.

Pom Pom Squeeze (4)

She also of course loved splashing her hands in the warm water.

Pom Pom Squeeze (8)

She sometimes squeezed the pom poms over the cup, and sometimes just tossed them in.

Pom Pom Squeeze (6)

Older toddlers and preschoolers will really enjoy the challenge of squeezing out water until the cup is filled to the brim! It turns out pom poms can hold a lot of water.

Pom Pom Squeeze (7)

Then there’s the fun of pouring the water back out of the cup and starting over.

Pom Pom Squeeze (5)

Or the fun of transferring pom poms from one cup to another.


Pom Pom Squeeze (11)

Or just swishing all those pom poms around in the shallow tray endlessly. In sum, this one is sure to keep your toddler busy!

Pom Pom Squeeze (9)


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