Kindergarten Home School Week 5: Monday

Home School 21 i

Well, happy Monday. There was lots of resistance and tantrums today, folks, a few moments of laughter to break the tension, and a toddler who refused to nap. Chaos, in sum! How did your day go? Please share!

9-10: ELA. Travis and I started out with a game of sight word Fiddlesticks. Ideally play this with craft sticks, but I recently used mine up so I wrote sight words on the end of paper strips.

Home School 21 a

We put these in a cup, along with one strip marked with a purple diamond. Travis and I took turns pulling out the strips and reading the word. If we drew the purple, we declared “Fiddlesticks!” and our strips went back in.

Home School 21 b

This got some laughter at least. He also did a letter page in his workbook and 20 minutes of Lexia, which involved a fair amount of yelling, fussing, and hating me.

10-10.30: Math. While Travis wrote the numbers 1 through 10 on red squares of paper, I marked 10 additional squares with hearts in corresponding amounts. Travis laughed at making me draw so many hearts. I’ll take laughter where I can!

Home School 21 d

Then we played a version of Memory: finding a number card and the corresponding number of hearts means you keep the pair and get another turn.

10.30-11: Much needed snack and free play (sigh, pouring rain).

11-11.30: Science: Travis watched a read-through of The Tiny Seed. Then we made a giant flower by coloring a green stem, yellow center, and tracing his hand on red paper for the petals. As a bonus, we glued down dried beans in the center for seeds! He was mildly into the project. At least he wasn’t screaming at me.

Home School 21 j

11.30-12: Gym. Everyone needed to move and baby sister wouldn’t take her nap, so we checked out his P.E. teacher’s suggestions.

Home School 21 g

A rhythm stick dance to ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons fit the bill, followed by a game called Kicking Corners. Put 2 cups in each of the 4 corners of a rug or other open area. Time your child and see how long it takes to kick all the cups down with a soccer ball. This was great for kicking skills, no hands allowed.

Home School 21 h

12-1: Lunch/free play.

1-1.30: Spanish. For some silly fun we watched the teacher’s dog “sing” a song about 10 little dogs. Then Travis drew 10 animals in circles, and was proud of his own details!

Home School 21 k

We then looked up the names of each animal in Spanish. Mommy even learned a few new ones.

Home School 21 l

We called it quits early, turning to a fun cooking project instead and going for a drive in the pouring rain just to get out of the house. We’re hoping for a nature walk, fewer tantrums, and more naps tomorrow.


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