Five Little Mice

Five Little Mice (2)

Subtraction games during Travis’s home schooling reminded me how important counting rhymes are for toddlers, too, an early intro to addition and subtraction long before they fully grasp the concepts. Here are the words to a fun one to try:

Five little mice went out to play,

Gathering crumbs along the way.

Out came pussy cat, sleek and fat.

Four little mice went scampering back.

Repeat until there is one mouse left, then add this twist at the end:

Out came pussy cat, sleek and very fat.

The mouse ran away, what do you think about that! 

Five Little Mice (4)

We have a few mouse toys in the house, so today I acted the story out for her in addition to speaking the words. You can add a kitty cat stuffed animal, too! If you don’t have props on hand, walk your fingers out for the scampering mice, using the appropriate number of fingers in each verse.

Five Little Mice (1)

Then make big whisker shapes with your fingers when pretending to be the fat cat.

With or without props, this is a fun finger play!

Five Little Mice (5)

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