Living Room Maze

Living Room Maze (5)

This activity is a great way to entertain a toddler on a rainy morning, not to mention it makes use of leftover boxes! You’ll need large enough boxes that your child can crawl upright through them.

In the past, we’ve decorated boxes to be more like a house or even a castle. The purpose this time wasn’t so artistic, but more about letting Veronika explore spatially. I attached two boxes together to make a big tunnel, and cut two windows so she could poke her head out.

Living Room Maze (2)

There was also a third box branching off to the side to make it a “maze”.

Living Room Maze (7)

Well of course she was eager to explore! The windows were great fun for peekaboo.

Living Room Maze (8)

She crawled back and forth, and in and out, and through and around. I used all of these spatial words as she played.

Living Room Maze (9)

She also delighted in bringing toys inside with her.

Living Room Maze (6)

Eventually big brother wanted in on the action, and he was just the right height for popping through the sun roof!

Living Room Maze (10)

I loved watching the kids turn it into a cozy nook for reading. In sum, this kept us busy all morning!

Living Room Maze (11)


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