Circuit Workout

Circuit Exercise (3)

Travis needed to get his wiggles out today, so I knew he needed a game that would get him moving. This was a fun suggestion from Kiwi Co., where instead of building a battery circuit, your kid gets to be the the electricity zipping around the “wires”.

To set up a life-sized electrical circuit, choose a round object to be a light bulb and a rectangular object to be the battery. Make a rectangle on the floor from painter’s tape to connect them, being sure to leave a little gap along the top.

Circuit Exercise (1)

For the switch, we used a book. When the book is open, the circuit is complete. But if it’s closed… Oh no, the electricity can’t zip through!

Circuit Exercise (2)

Travis laughed at this little role-play. He started out at the “battery” and ran to the “switch” book.

Circuit Exercise (4)

Finding it open meant hopping across, running a circle around the light bulb, and then dashing back to the battery.

Circuit Exercise (5)

If the book was closed, he had to freeze. Keep playing until you’ve worn out your kid-sized battery of course!

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