Kindergarten Home School Week 6: Monday

Home School 26 f

You’ll notice from the photo above that the kids are just playing and that’s because (shhh, don’t tell Travis!) it’s actually vacation week. But like many parents, I’m finding it easier to have structure to this week instead of a free-for-all. That said, I’m going lighter on the reading and math, and heavier on alternative activities, which means more time just to play. Travis, meanwhile, thinks I’m just a super cool home school mom!

9-9.30: ELA. I asked Travis to do 2 letter pages in his workbook (we’re up to R and S) before a few minutes on Lexia. He also watched an online read of The Rainbow Fish. He interspersed all this with lots of joining in on little sister’s play dough and squishy bag play. It was nice to watch them play together!

Porcupine Playdough (10)

9.30-10: Math. Travis did about 20 minutes in the online math program Dreambox.

10.30-11: Recess/snack.

11-11.30: Gym. We set up an electricity circuit powered by… his body! For double the exercise, we played Fitness Go Fish again.

11.30-1.30: Long lunch/free play. While little sister napped, I sat down with him to go through a packet about Covid-19 and children’s emotions. I could tell he really benefited from the process.

1.30-2: Science. He checked out the Smithsonian zoo’s live animals cams, and proudly colored in an ‘I spy’ activity. We learned quite a bit about naked mole rats!

Home School 26 a

2-3: Outdoor time: A local arboretum was the perfect spot to run around.

Arboretum (3)

3-4: Movement: Little sister had an online baby gym class, so Travis did some yoga. I also encouraged him to spend this quiet time “reading” picture books. But (hazards of homeschooling two kids!) he was more interested in Veronika’s gym class and she was more interested in his books.

Home School 26 e

Puzzles and popping bubble wrap rounded out the day.

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