Bananas, Agave, and Wheat Germ

Bananas Wheat Germ (5)

Here’s a snack that your toddler can actually prepare for him- or herself! This cute project lets even young toddlers practice “knife” skills, proudly prepare their own food, and enjoy a yummy treat at the end.

Bananas Wheat Germ (7)

I sat Veronika down with a plate filled with agave nectar in one compartment, wheat germ in the second, and half of a banana in the third. I asked her to help me peel the banana, which toddlers always love!

Bananas Wheat Germ (1)

She was even more interested in the next step though, when I presented her with Popsicle sticks to “slice” the banana.

Bananas Wheat Germ (3)

More so than the slicing, she loved dipping the sticks into the agave and wheat germ, and then sprinkling over the banana.

Bananas Wheat Germ (4)

She took this so seriously, intent on her work. Scoop and pour. Scoop and pour. When the banana pieces were nicely coated, I showed her how to insert a Popsicle stick to hold up a piece of the snack she had created.

Bananas Wheat Germ (2)

When I cleared the plate, she got a bit more into the slicing element of the project.

Bananas Wheat Germ (8)

Once she felt brave enough, she lifted one of the banana pieces and touched it to her lips.

Bananas Wheat Germ (9)

“Yummy!” she declared.

Bananas Wheat Germ (10)

It was so neat to put her in charge of her snack this way, from start to finish. I could easily see this becoming a favorite food around here.


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