Drip Pots

Drip Pots (7)

We had two teeny tiny terracotta pots here in the house, and Earth Day prompted me to think of a use for them: they’re the perfect size to grow a few windowsill herbs! Although we don’t have a garden, I loved the idea of showing Travis how we can be responsible for our own food (seasoning at least). You could use this paint method on any size clay pot, though, and plant flowers or succulents instead.

The night before, we painted the pots with a few coats of white acrylic paint and left them to dry overnight.

Drip Pots (1)

In the morning, Travis helped mix up red and blue acrylic paints with a little water. You want the mixture to look like glue.

Drip Pots (2)

Turn the pots upside down and place on a work surface. I showed Travis how to dip a brush in the paint and then hold near the rim of the pot. Let the paint drip down in rivulets. It took him a moment to get the hang of it, but then he loved this new painting method!

Drip Pots (4)

Let dry completely, then add a coat of clear sealer, if desired.

Drip Pots (5)

Then just add your planting and enjoy the greenery!


Drip Pot alt

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