Sheet Day

Sheet Day (3)

In life with a toddler, it’s easier to do a chore (any chore!) if you turn it into a game. Here’s my hack for making it feel less like drudgery on the day I wash the sheets.

Strip the bed, but don’t toss the sheets into the washing machine right away. First, make a fort! You can mix things up each time, but ours always involves some variation of the couch cushions, cozy pillows and blankets to sit on, and the sheets strung across the top.

Sheet Day (2)

Veronika loves to pretend this is her house. A little pillow makes a handy “door” for coming to visit. “Ding dong!” she says for the doorbell.

Sheet Day (5)

Inevitably, it just becomes a cozy place to crawl in and hide.

Sheet Day (7)

Or relax and read!

Sheet Day (8)

Don’t forget about pillowcases. They are perfect for playing peekaboo.

Sheet Day (10)

Or for wearing as superhero capes.

Sheet Day (6)

When we’re done, I ask for Veronika’s help to throw all of the sheets into the laundry basket. She loves this part!

Sheet Day (11)

The sheet day fun is complete, and so worth it that I don’t mind making the beds up after.

Sheet Day (9)

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