Michelangelo’s Bathroom

Michaelangelo's Bathtub (3)

Just as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is designed to make grown-ups look up, here’s a trick to tilt up your little one’s head! This little “art” project can help your child tip his or her head up during hair washing if they are otherwise fearful or reluctant to do so. It works like a charm!

You can cut up any pictures for the project, including old magazines or even old calendar pages. We had an old book of nursery rhymes that’s become tattered over the years, but I love the illustrations. So I snipped out a few, and began to tape them to the tub walls.

Michaelangelo's Bathtub (5)

I deliberately chose images of Veronika’s favorite things, including cats, chickens, and stars.

Michaelangelo's Bathtub (2)

And she has some unexpected favorites, like umbrellas!

Michaelangelo's Bathtub (4)

She loved watching as I hung the pictures, oohing and aahing as if she were in an art gallery. Come bath time, I was so pleased when my trick worked. “Where is the sheep?” I asked. Her little neck craned up, and water poured over her head without any getting in her eyes.

Michaelangelo's Bathtub (6)

Success! I intend to mix up the pictures on occasion so our “art show” stays fresh.

Michaelangelo's Bathtub (7)

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