Colored Stacking Cups

Colored Stacking Cups (12)

Here’s a twist on a recent game I played with Veronika, in which I simply presented her with a stack of plastic cups to pile and nest any which way.

This time, I had a pack of pretty cups in see-through pastels: think spring greens and rosy pinks, and daffodil orange.

Colored Stacking Cups (1)

I gave Veronika the cups in hopes of not just stacking and nesting but also so we could play around with light and shadow. Veronika is so into her shadow these days (“Hi shadow!” she says on our walks), so I knew she would love this.

Sure enough, first she was just interested in the cups as…cups.

Colored Stacking Cups (5)

To my amazement, she quickly had them in one huge pile!

Colored Stacking Cups (7)

Lest I think this was just an accident, she then moved the cups out of her big pile and created another, off to her other side.

Colored Stacking Cups (6)

But the real magic happened once the sun was at an angle, streaming into our living room. I showed her how the rings of the cups showed up as a circle shadow on our rug.

Colored Stacking Cups (2)

“Hi shadow!” she said. You can then play around with how the shadow changes depending where the cups are stacked, or even just at different angles to the sun.

Colored Stacking Cups (8)

Needless to say, they were just gorgeous to play with in the window.

Colored Stacking Cups (4)

Although the building of complicated structures is beyond Veronika at eighteen months old, I loved showing her the dazzling effect.

Colored Stacking Cups (14)

She loved adding the finishing touch!

Colored Stacking Cups (13)

And when the sun goes down, you can just go back to regular cup towers.

Colored Stacking Cups (10)

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