Cylinder Pictures

Cylinder Pictures (7)

Veronika loves to scribble these days, and one of the easiest ways to occupy her when I need a few minutes is to let her loose with a box of jumbo crayons and a few blank sheets of paper.

Cylinder Pictures (3)

As is probably the case with your toddler, though, she has a tendency to fill up one portion of the paper and to leave the rest of it completely blank. So here’s a fun way to display your child’s early masterpieces while hiding that blank space.

Cylinder Pictures (1)

Trim the paper if needed (for example in sections that are completely white), then wrap the remaining paper around itself into a cylinder.

Cylinder Pictures (6)

Tape shut and set on a mantle or windowsill. Even a little one’s scribbles look so artistic this way!

Cylinder Pictures (4)

These drawings truly were all Veronika’s doing, except when she asked me to draw her stars on one sheet.

Cylinder Pictures (2)

If your child wants to take the cylinders down to play with then, that’s fine too. Just think of it as “process art”!

Cylinder Pictures (8)

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