Frog in the Grass

Frog in the Grass (10)

Here’s an adorable game to play outside with a toddler, one that involves both imaginative play and observational skills. We used frog toys because the green camouflages perfectly in the green grass, but any green animal toy would work equally well, or even green beanbags. To wit, we also added a snake and a centipede.

Veronika spotted the frog toys before we headed outside, excitedly declaring, “Froggie, froggie!” so I knew she would love the game. Once we were outside, I scattered the frogs in the grass while Veronika watched, curious. Older toddlers can be asked to close their eyes while you scatter the frogs, making it a true hunt.

Frog in the Grass (1)

“Frog in the grass!” I yelled, once all four had been ‘hidden’. She was confused until I led her by the hand to toddle over to the first frog. Then it seemed like the most exciting errand in the world!

Frog in the Grass (3)

After that she was off and running, finding a frog in the green grass, bringing it back to the patio, and then returning for the next one.

Frog in the Grass (4)

Then we also hunted down the green snake and centipede.

Frog in the Grass (7)

Once everyone safely made it to the patio, I tossed them back into the grass. “Frog in the grass!” I yelled again. This time she thought it was hilarious, and went scampering over.

Frog in the Grass (9)

You can add animal learning to the game by making the corresponding noises and motions. Veronika loves to say “ribbit”, and I encouraged her to leap like a frog.

Frog in the Grass (12)

Next thing I knew, she had two of the frogs kissing on the patio, unprompted!

Frog in the Grass (8)

We’ll have to see if one of them turns into a handsome prince.

Frog in the Grass (2)

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