Stab That Shape Foam Trays

Stab That Shape (5)

Veronika has shown an early interest in shapes and can now readily recognize triangles, stars, hearts, and circles. We’re working on squares and rectangles next!

To foster her interest in the topic, I made this easy shape recognition tray for her today, using a leftover foam tray from the grocery store. I simply drew 4 shapes, three that she knows well, and one less familiar (the square).

Stab That Shape (1)

I then handed over the tray and a plastic fork. First she just loved stabbing at the tray!

Stab That Shape (7)

It was a tougher than I thought for her to poke the tines of the fork directly down, so the game was great practice for fork skills at the dinner table, too! Soon she started to get the hang of it.

“Can you poke the heart?” I asked her. Yup! She also easily followed directions for the circle and triangle.

Stab That Shape (2)

When I asked her to poke the square, she just played around aimlessly with the fork, which reinforced my sense that she doesn’t know the word yet. But she still was having lots of fun!

Stab That Shape (3)

Older toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy this tray, too. Encourage them to “stab” along the lines of each shape so it is covered in dots, a precursor to tracing.

Stab That Shape (4)

Meanwhile, Veronika had fun stabbing the tray all over. The dots feel bumpy once the tines of the fork have poked through, and she carried the tray around happily for a while.

Stab That Shape (6)

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