Dry Painting

Dry Painting (7)

Here’s a novel painting technique, the complete opposite of other options you might have tried with your toddler, like watercolor! I had a few packet of powdered dry paint leftover from a Holi celebration, and thought they might make the perfect art material for Veronika.

Dry Painting (1)

To make a “paintbrush” for this activity, clip a cotton ball into a spring-type clothespin.

Dry Painting (2)

Sprinkle a little powdered paint onto heavy watercolor paper. We used two to three different colors per sheet. Now simply use the cotton ball to swirl it around!

Dry Painting (3)

Veronika was really into the dusty piles of paint, although not nearly as interested in the cotton ball “brush” as I thought she would be.

Dry Painting (6)

But eventually the powders were swirled all over the paper.

Dry Painting (4)

We then spritzed hairspray all over the picture to set the paint, which was arguably her favorite part of the activity! Brush off any extra powder, and let the “painting” set.

Dry Painting (5)

The resulting artwork has a beautiful swirled look. We cut out little rectangles and folded them in half to send to family members as greeting cards in the mail!

Dry Painting (8)


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