Dance and Fall Down

Dance and Fall Down (6)

Sometimes the simplest activities are the best, and sometimes you just need to have a Saturday morning dance party. So there’s nothing more to this idea than that!

With Veronika a little aimless this morning, I put on some music. To make her laugh, we twirled and danced but then I said, “Fall down!” and showed her how to plop to the ground.

Dance and Fall Down (3)

The first few times, we sat down together.

Dance and Fall Down (4)

But then she got the hang of it. Twirl, and twirl, and twirl, and…

Dance and Fall Down (1)

…fall! This game will get giggles every time. Silly props like scarves and hats are not required of course, but certainly add to the fun.

Dance and Fall Down (2)

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