Animal Home Detective

Animal Homes (8)

For his final nature walk of kindergarten, Travis got to play detective! A detective looking for animal homes, that is.

The assignment was not to look for animals themselves, but for their homes. I encouraged Travis to think of options we might see both high and low, big and small. That meant we peeked in the treetops for bird nests, and down by the roots for places a squirrel or rabbit might call home.

Animal Homes (4)

Travis loves finding holes and wondering whether they belonged to a snake or a chipmunk.

Animal Homes (6)

And don’t forget about insects! We found lots of web homes, ant hill homes, and more. Travis was particularly interested today in the vines and leaves, wondering what bugs might call those “home”.

Animal Homes (2)

We paused at one point when we found the perfect rock to sit on and have a snack and draw some of what we’d seen. Travis drew one of the spiderwebs.

Animal Homes (3)

This project is a great way to get kids thinking about why different species have different types of homes, and what each one needs in its particular shelter.

Animal Homes (5)

What animal homes do you spot in your area? Please share in the comments!

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