Tiny Tambourine

Tiny Tambourine (7)

Veronika’s online gym class always starts with shaking along instruments to the welcome song. I thought it would be fun to make at-home tambourines to shake along today!

You can use mini aluminum tart pans for this craft, but I decided to use mini paper plates instead so that Veronika could decorate them first. This girl loves using her markers!

Tiny Tambourine (2)

Once we had covered the plates in scribbles and shapes, I placed two plates together. I chose too different options for inside. Dried rice went into the first (which made a softer sound, more like a maraca)…

Tiny Tambourine (3)

…and pennies went into the second for a more jangly tambourine sound.

Tiny Tambourine (4)

Use a stapler to staple all around the edges. I recommend making sure your staples are right up against each other so none of the filling slips through the cracks.

Tiny Tambourine (5)

Time to shake along and start class!

Tiny Tambourine (8)

Veronika looked so proud of her homemade instrument.

Tiny Tambourine (6)

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