Salt Painting, Two Ways

Salt Painting (6)

Today Veronika made art with salt! We tried two variations on this project, and I definitely preferred the former. But test them both out and see which one your child enjoys more!

For the first, you’ll need small empty spice containers, or any similar container with small holes in the lid. In each jar, I combined a little bit of salt with a little bit of powdered paint. Put the lid on securely and shake to combine.

Salt Painting (1)

Veronika then helped squeeze glue onto dark construction paper. Squeezing glue bottles is great for strengthening little hands, so resist the urge to help out too much!

Salt Painting (2)

Once we had a nice gluey canvas, I showed her how to shake the containers. Not only did they make a great noise, but she loved watching the colored salt sprinkle down.

Salt Painting (5)

She liberally poured, but it was easy to tip the paper and shake off the excess when it was time to set her masterpiece aside to dry.

Salt Painting (10)

Now on to version number two! This time, we made big blobs of glue on the paper. Instead of colored salt, we poured on regular salt.

Salt Painting (7)

Then we added little pools of food coloring for her to swirl through with a paintbrush.

Salt Painting (8)

Unfortunately this project got goopy very quickly. I would use less glue and less food coloring next time! But she enjoyed the messy process, and seemed very curious about the thick mixture tangled in the bristles of her paintbrush.

Salt Painting (9)

Which one did your family like best? Please share in the comments!

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