Paint with Spaghetti Brooms

Spaghetti Brooms (7)

The kids have payed with cooked spaghetti, but never before have we used it to paint. Veronika loved that these looked like miniature brooms!

To make a broom “paintbrush”, secure a bundle of uncooked spaghetti together with a rubber band near one end.

Spaghetti Brooms (1)

Cook the spaghetti bundles in boiling water, but use caution only to heat the bottom portion of the noodles, not the “handle”. I held on to the part with the rubber band so the rubber wouldn’t melt or singe, and let the “broom” tips soften in the water for only about 2 minutes. This is definitely a grown-up step, and make sure to avoid the steam. You can cook your noodles longer, but I knew Veronika would have an easier time painting if they were a bit firm.

Spaghetti Brooms (2)

Once cooled, I showed Veronika the brushes. She loved exploring them before there was even paint.

Spaghetti Brooms (3)

We then blobbed craft paint onto poster board, and I showed her how to “sweep” the color. My little happy helper took right to this version of painting!

Spaghetti Brooms (4)

She loved testing out the different bundles, swirling the colors, and more.

Spaghetti Brooms (6)

The individual noodles leave neat textured tracks through the paint, an effect even Veronika could master at 20 months.

Spaghetti Brooms (8)

A cute project, with surprisingly little mess!

Spaghetti Brooms (5)

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