Tiny Treasure Hunt

Tiny Treasure Hunt (1)

It seemed only fair to stage a toddler treasure hunt for Veronika today, since big brother Travis has enjoyed big kid versions lately! While she was distracted and busy playing, I placed a few small gems from our dress-up box in a cookie tin, and then hid the tin under a nearby bush.

I stretched a long length of yarn that led from the cookie tin back to our patio. Depending on where you play the game, you can make the yarn twist and turn, looping up and over bushes or playground structures, too.

“Look!” I told her with excitement as I handed her the end of the yarn. “Pirates were here in the night and left treasure!” (Travis immediately wanted to know if this was true).

Tiny Treasure Hunt (2)

I showed Veronika how to hold the yarn and gather it with each step, following the trail.

Tiny Treasure Hunt (3)

The more excited you act, the more your toddler will catch on to the thril of such a quest.

Tiny Treasure Hunt (4)

X marks the spot! She spotted the little box waiting at the end of the trail and loved the jewels inside.

Tiny Treasure Hunt (5)

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