Baby Soccer

Baby Soccer (5)

Veronika has shown an early interest in balls: bouncing them, catching them, kicking them, you name it! So today I decided we should play a classic round of baby soccer.

I set up orange cones as the goal posts then lifted her from under the arms and swung her legs toward a bouncy ball. “Goal!” I said with excitement.

Baby Soccer (2)

She squealed with delight! We continued to play, alternating kicks from up in my arms…

Baby Soccer (1)

…with chasing the ball around to kick it with her sturdy little legs.

Baby Soccer (4)

Each time she got the ball through the cones, I repeated “Goal!” earning more big smiles of excitement. She knew she’d done something right!

Baby Soccer (3)

Of course you can play this game outside, too. Simply set up a make-shift goal with sticks or rocks for markers. Your toddler will love chasing after the ball!

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