Nature Sensory Bags and Suncatchers

Nature Sensory Bag (5)

I hadn’t made Veronika a sensory bag in a while, and she seemed due for some squishy fun.

Normally for a nature-themed activity like this, the first step would be a nature walk! But we needed to stay close to home this morning so ended up just walking around the neighborhood. The kids still found plenty of treasures!

Nature Sensory Bag (1)

“I found a baby pinecone,” Veronika told me proudly, as she added leaves and pinecones and other finds to the bag. I also made sure to add a few pretty flowers, knowing I’d want them for the suncatcher.

Nature Sensory Bag (3)

When we got home, I filled both a gallon-sized zip-top bag and a snack-sized zip-top bag with clear gel. (Either hair gel or aloe vera gel work well; use whichever you can find that is largest and cheapest!).

For the small bag, I added only the flower petals, spaced nicely apart. I then taped this to the window. An instant suncatcher!

Nature Sensory Bag (6)

Veronika poked at it curiously, but I think the sun hurt her eyes because she didn’t linger as she has with previous sunlit projects.

Nature Sensory Bag (4)

Then I added everything else into the goo of the larger zip-top bag. This version, a more classic sensory bag, received way more of Veronika’s attention. Through the gel, she could feel all the various textures.

Nature Sensory Bag (7)

Prickly pine needles, hard pinecones, soft flowers. She needed to show it to her doll, of course!

Nature Sensory Bag (9)

She loved picking it up and squishing it, especially around the firm pinecones.

Nature Sensory Bag (11)

I love to leave bags like this out where a toddler can return to them over the course of a day or two, interacting with it slightly differently each time.

Nature Sensory Bag (8)

For security, use hot glue along the zipper when you seal the bag shut, and you won’t have to worry about any unexpected messes disturbing the fun!

Nature Sensory Bag (10)

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