Take Summer Outside


Take It Outside (4)

Here’s a round-up of a few ways we played in the summer sun today, all with one common factor: the activity had to get us outside!

First up was a round of animal charades. The idea was to spot an animal and then move like it. Everyone else guesses what you are! Travis spotted a bee and loved buzzing like one.

Take It Outside (2)

In fact he was so enamored with the bees that it was hard to get him to spot a second animal, but he could also crouch and hop like a squirrel.

Take It Outside (4)

Little sister, meanwhile, loved pretending to fly like the birds she saw. Or getting down low to crawl like an ant bug.

Take It Outside (5)

I loved that this simple activity really got them paying attention to how animals move.

Then it was time for a nature walk. As we strolled on a nearby path, we pulled out an oldie-but-goodie, searching out animal homes and guessing who lived inside each.

Take It Outside alt

This time, Travis snapped pictures with the instant camera, too!

Take It Outside (3)

We also embarked on a leaf hunt! I challenged him to find 5 different leaves and then we used a nature guide to try to identify each one.

Take It Outside (6)

There was such a thrill every time we found a corresponding picture. It was a great activity for talking about similarities and differences.

Take It Outside (7)

Travis glued the leaves to poster board once home and we labeled them, making this a great approximation of an elementary school science project.

Take It Outside (5)

He then drew the leaves, a pretty picture we decided to mail on to a friend!

Take It Outside (9)

To end the outdoor fun, we repeated a classic activity: tracing an item’s shadow to see how it changed over the course of the day.

Take It Outside (1)

Our intent wasn’t to make a full sundial, but just to watch how the shadow changed at intervals. We color-coded our markings for a pretty result!

Take It Outside (2)

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