God’s-Eye Key Chains

Gods Eye Keychain (6)

The god’s eye symbol is a traditional votive object from Mexico. But minus the religious symbolism, the pattern is an excellent early weaving technique for grade schoolers, and a classic camp-style craft for a morning here at Camp Mom.

To start, I hot-glued pairs of toothpicks together so they crossed in the middle, and made several sets so we could weave multiple key chains. You can use regular glue if you prefer, but if so you may want to do it the night before so the glue is dry by morning.

Gods Eye Keychain (1)

I showed Travis how to wrap yarn around the center to secure, then to start weaving around the toothpicks in a circle, wrapping the yarn around each toothpick before moving on to the next. The mechanics of this were a bit complicated for him, but I was so proud that he stuck with it in his own way.

Gods Eye Keychain (2)

“Look, I’m wrapping!” he declared. When he had achieved the look he wanted, he decided it was finished.

Gods Eye Keychain (4)

Meanwhile, I wrapped one in a more exact fashion to achieve the god’s eye look.

Gods Eye Keychain (3)

You can then finish these with fun details, whether pom poms or beads. My craft bin is low on supplies but I had a few wooden beads which looked lovely glued to each toothpick point. Be sure to thread one of the beads through a final piece of yarn (use a needle, if needed), and tie this yarn securely to a key ring.

Gods Eye Keychain (5)

These key chains would also make excellent gifts!

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