Cardboard Box Ramps

Cardboard Box Ramps (4)

Here’s a great use for the box from your latest package delivery, before you send it the way of the recycle bin!

Cardboard Box Ramps (1)

We received a large box in the mail and I knew it would be perfect for this activity. I cut off the side flaps, and then used duct tape to attach them to the insides of the box at angles. I had originally thought I might hot glue them, but duct tape seemed to work better to achieve the right angle. Veronika loved “helping” by adding some extra duct tape on top.

Cardboard Box Ramps (2)

Before taping on, cut a hole into each “ramp” so objects can fall from one ramp to the next. I also cut a hole in the top of the box as the starting point.

Time to see if the ramps worked! Veronika loved dropping a golf ball through the hole on top. Sometimes it rolled perfectly from one ramp to the next!

Cardboard Box Ramps (3)

Other times it rolled off the sides, but this didn’t dampen Veronika’s fun. You might consider some sort of buffer, though, (perhaps made from additional duct tape) to prevent this from happening. You could also place little jars at the bottom to catch the ball at the end of its run, if your child would enjoy that!

Cardboard Box Ramps (7)

After playing with the balls for a while, we decided to test toy cars.

Cardboard Box Ramps (8)

These didn’t work quite as well on the ramps, but it did turn the box into a fun little “garage” for a while.

Cardboard Box Ramps (6)


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