Go For a Ride Day

Go for a Ride Day (4)

In the category of holidays you never knew exited, it turns out that November 22 is Go For a Ride Day, with the idea simply to get people away from screens and out and about.

If you’re at all like our family, coronavirus means your year has simultaneously meant more screens (hello, Zoom!), and more time out and about. Getting out of the house has saved our sanity, whether walking local trails, riding bikes, or going for a long drive.

So in the spirit of the day, we just made sure to get outside! Our ride of choice was a bike (for Travis) and a scooter (for little sister Veronika).

Go for a Ride Day (2)

We didn’t go far, but we got our fresh air and our exercise.

Go for a Ride Day (3)

Where would you head to on Go for a Ride Day? Please share in the comments!


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