Bundt Pan Suncatcher

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (10)

We’ve made sparkly winter suncatchers in cookie cutter shapes before, but this year we decided to think big: Bundt pan big that is!

To start this gorgeous project, head off on a treasure gathering hunt. Veronika especially loved finding the bright pop of red berries and collecting small pine cones as we took a walk.

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (1)

Once home, I filled a Bundt pan with water about half full, then we plunked in our treasures.

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (5)

Now simply set it outside to freeze! We actually had to wait a few days for this to work, since first I realized our layer of water was simply too deep and poured some out. Then we needed a night that dipped down to 20 degrees, and finally we woke to a beautifully solid chunk of ice.

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (7)

To unmold, simply run the bottom of the pan under a little hot water and slip out gently. I wrapped a bright ribbon through the hole in the center of this ice “cake” and suspended it from a tree branch.

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (8)

This was absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight!

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (9)

Travis loved that way that tiny icicles began to form near the bottom as the sun warmed the ice through a little.

Bundt Pan Suncatcher (11

We’re hoping for a few icy cold days so this can last before the sun melts it. As a bonus, all the nature treasures can simply fall where they lie as the suncatcher melts. Just be sure to clean up the ribbon!


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