Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets (4)

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Then it’s time to make silly sock puppets!

Sock Puppets (5)

We always seem to have extra pairs of socks (no thanks to indoor playrooms that require them even in flip flop weather!), so we simply grabbed a pair and set to work.

Sock Puppets (1)

First up was adding facial features with fabric markers. I folded the toe of the sock down toward the heel so Veronika could visualize where the head would be, but mostly she just scribbled any which way.

The fabric markers were a little frustrating for her, too, since they tend to catch in the fabric, but I assured her that any markings at all looked great!

Sock Puppets (2)

Once we had decorated the bodies, I also used hot glue to add pom pom eyes. Time to slip on those socks and put on a show! Veronika giggled just seeing the sock on her hand or my own.

Sock Puppets (3)

She laughed even harder once the socks “talked to her”.

Sock Puppets (6)

And it turns out that sock puppets like to go on toes, too!

Sock Puppets (8)


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