Indoor Baseball

Indoor Baseball (4)

Veronika played her first round of baseball today! Okay, perhaps not really, but here’s a version of the sport that works even for toddlers.

The inner tube from a roll of gift wrap makes the perfect, soft baseball bat for young children. I secured it at the ends and the middle with duct tape for durability, and then for the safest baseballs ever, I simply inflated a few balloons.

Indoor Baseball (2)

Now all we needed were cushions as the bases, and we had the whole baseball diamond!

Indoor Baseball (3)

Of course your toddler won’t understand the rules yet, but Veronika loved taking swings with the bat. Or just bopping the balloons along on the ground with it!

Indoor Baseball (5)

You can also practice tossing the balloon in the air and keeping it up with the bat.

Indoor Baseball (7)

She was an enthusiastic participant when I showed her how to run from base to base, too, even if she didn’t quite understand why. Don’t forget to shout “home run!” when you complete the circuit.

Indoor Baseball (6)

In sum, this is a fun way to introduce the sport of baseball to your two-year-old, plus you’ll get out some energy in the process!


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