Sibling Valentine’s Day Cards

Simple Valentine's Card (9)

Here’s a fantastic way for your kids to collaborate on cards for Valentine’s Day even if they are different ages, each contributing according to his or her own skill level. The brilliant hack is to make one big card then cut it into pieces at the end! This can make the task of making Valentine’s for multiple recipients feel less daunting.

Veronika was in charge of the decorating, because as a toddler she loves things like dot markers, crayons, and stickers. I set out pink construction paper and divided it into quarters with lines of pink marker. Then I gave her the above-mentioned supplies, all in various shades of pink and red.

Simple Valentine's Card (1)

First she wanted to add jeweled heart stickers, and loved placing these any which way on the paper.

Simple Valentine's Card (3)

Some fun with dot markers followed next!

Simple Valentine's Card (5)

Keep decorating with whatever other supplies you have on hand, whether pink or red crayons, pink or red colored pencils, or even heart stamps and ink pads.

Simple Valentine's Card (6)

When she was done, I cut along the lines so we now had not one card, but four, all decorated and ready to go.

Simple Valentine's Card (10)

Travis’s job was to write each cousin’s name at the top and sign the cards with love, all great writing practice!

Simple Valentine's Card (8)

We hope these cards bring big smiles to cousins’ faces when they arrive in the mail.


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