Mustache Pops

Mustache Pops (7)

This Valentine’s card idea from Highlights magazine was so adorable we just had to make it, not only for Travis’s classmates but a few extra for ourselves, too!

To start, find any mustache template online and print out. Mustaches range from very simple to the very curved and curly, and I would caution against the latter unless you really enjoy fine scissor work. We found a mustache with a nice country western vibe and I traced it onto sparkly sticky-back foam (available at craft stores), one for each member of Travis’s class.

Mustache Pops (1)

Cut out and then adhere the sticky side to a regular sheet of craft foam (we used red). I needed 2 large sheets to fit 18 mustaches total, 9 per sheet. Cut out around the mustache shape again, this time leaving some of the red visible as trim. Set aside.

Mustache Pops (4)

Meanwhile, cut rectangles from pink or red cardstock. I printed out the message “I mustache you to be my Valentine” on regular paper and then glued to the top of each piece of cardstock. If you have a printer that can handle thick cardstock, print directly onto it instead!

Mustache Pops (5)

Next, I poked a hole in the center of each mustache with a pin, and then inserted a lollipop stick. Fold the cardstock in half horizontally just slightly and make two snips with scissors near the bottom; this creates slits that the lollipop stick can slot through. Finally, have your child write in each recipient’s name and the mustache pops are ready to go!

Mustache Pops (6)

These were adorable on paper, but of course the best part was taking them off the cardstock to sport a lollipop ‘stache. Travis loved looking quizzical and grown-up in his.

Mustache Pops(9)

Little sister Veronika was skeptical at first…

Mustache Pops (8)

But one lick of watermelon lollilop made her a mustache convert!

Mustache Pops (10)

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