What Can Be a Hat?

What Can Be a Hat (5)

Veronika currently loves a little story from Hello magazine about babies wearing various hats, some that really are hats and some things that simply can be a hat (think baskets, buckets, or even old shoe boxes). That prompted this silly game as I was prepping dinner and needed to keep the kids briefly occupied.

What could they find in the kitchen that could be a hat? Pretty soon, the kids were modeling strainers…

What Can Be a Hat (6)

…and colanders!

What Can Be a Hat (3)

Travis loved that the colander was like a warrior’s helmet.

What Can Be a Hat (4)

Veronika loved looking stylish with the strainer at a jaunty angle! This led them to dig through the dress-up box for other favorite hats and head pieces. All of which meant, everyone was soon laughing and had stopped asking when dinner would be ready.

What Can Be a Hat (1)

What else in the kitchen could be a hat? Please share what your kids come up with in the comments!


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