Magnetic Puzzles

Magnet Puzzles (5)

Here’s a clever way to combine puzzle play with magnet play. It’s the perfect activity to engage any kid who loves to play with magnets at the fridge!

For the first round of the game, I took an old jigsaw puzzle and adhered a square of magnetic tape to the back of each piece. You could also set this up with regular magnets, but you’ll need to use hot glue to attach the magnets to each piece.

Magnet Puzzles (1)

Arrange on the fridge and let your little puzzlers go at it!

Magnet Puzzles (4)

It was readily apparent, though, that the jigsaw puzzle was much too complicated for Veronika, even though she liked moving the pieces around, so I quickly thought of an alternative that was more toddler-friendly.

Magnet Puzzles (2)

I encouraged the kids to draw their own puzzle on pieces of cardboard from a leftover cereal box. They both had fun drawing current favorite characters. Your kids can get quite creative with this part of the craft, using paint, stickers, glitter, or more!

Magnet Puzzles (3)

When the drawings were done, I cut each picture into 4 pieces, then added strips of magnetic tape to the back.

Magnet Puzzles (7)

Veronika loved that she could slot these puzzles together much more easily than interlocking jigsaw pieces.

Magnet Puzzles (8)

Puzzle solved!

Magnet Puzzles (9)

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